The data in all the right shapes and sizes.


Four beautiful and contextual styles for every situation.

When displaying your location data, your integration can only be as good as its canvas—its base map. If the content is amazing, but the canvas is garbage, the map isn’t worth much. As the saying goes, “Garbage in. Garbage out.”

Our themes focus on enabling well-designed map integrations with just the right amount and type of data to gives users optimal efficiency and aesthetic joy. Our map styles allow you to choose the best mixture of detail and design for your integration—and if you use vector maps, you can further customize the theme to get an even more tailored experience.

Alidade Smooth

Example of Alidade Smooth: Centered on Tallinn

Designed to let your data take center stage, Alidade Smooth is a lightly saturated theme tailored for base maps with lots of overlays or markers.

OSM Bright

Example of OSM Bright: Centered on Toronto

The OSM Bright style is a stalwart in the world of OSM maps. We offer it, without any substantial changes, for your mapping enjoyment. Use OSM Bright where your users need lots of POIs, in dense city environments, or where a touch of the classic style is all you need.


Example of Outdoors: Centered on Stoos

Outdoors—where we'd all rather be. Our Outdoors theme is custom designed to focus on displaying all the data helpful for all the adventurers, hikers, and trail-blazers in your life. With detailed data of mountain peaks, hiking trails, and national parks, your users will always be able to find the next excursion, whether it's right around the corner or across the world.

Alidade Smooth Dark

Example of Alidade Smooth Dark: Centered on Tallinn

If Alidade Smooth helps your data shine during the day, our Alidade Smooth Dark variant lets your data shine all night long. Helpfully featuring a dark background, tuned colors to be easy on the eyes, and just the right amount of data, the Alidade Smooth Dark theme is perfect for when you just need a bit more…dark.